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Providing high quality anesthesia services to DFW and surrounding areas

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesia (CRNA) group.  Contact us  for information on how we can fulfill your anesthesia needs.

About Us

Compassionate Healthcare


Our mission is to provide our communities with personalized, high-quality anesthesia services. We are passionate about creating long-lasting relationships with our anesthesia staff, clients, and the facilities we serve.

Experienced Medical Professionals


Circadian Management Services offers broad array of services geared towards providing a holistic anesthesia approach for medical offices, hospitals, and outpatient surgical centers. We manage CRNA staffing and anesthesia setup at our sites, as well as provide solutions for maximizing billing.

A Personal Approach


Our team of CRNAs form lasting interpersonal connections both in the professional setting,  and on a personal basis. Our goal is to ensure that our CRNAs, the facilities we serve, and the patients we treat have a positive and satisfying experience.

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Anesthesia Provider Solutions

Looking for a team of CRNAs to fulfill your anesthesia needs? Call us today at (225) 610-2051. 


CRNA Employment Opportunities

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Staff Scheduling

Our team can communicate and stay connected throughout all of our facilities with the Humanity scheduling app.